Do you want to work as a Costumer in the Motion Picture Film Industry?

The Costuming Academy (TCA) will give you first-day confidence, whether you are starting as a PA or an Entry-level costumer.  Sharon Sampson & Donna Schultz are sharing years of collected knowledge and details in this five-module course.

You’ll be able to walk into any costume department knowing the language of a costumer and understand the skills being used.

We build leaders at every level

We have over 100,000 hours (combined) experience working for companies such as Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Universal, Paramount Pictures, HBO, Netflix, Apple, Hulu, Amazon, ABC, NBC & CBS. Please join us as we share our years of knowledge with you.

Featured Instructors

Donna Schultz & Sharon Sampson

Donna & Sharon have been members of the Motion Picture Costumers Union for over 30 years. They feel passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise and want to pass on this invaluable information and techniques to future generations of costumers. Donna and Sharon have been driven to create a program that will open a window into the wealth of knowledge available from industry professionals like themselves. (See bios below)

How will this course help You?

We pinpoint all basic knowledge so you fit into any costume department with confidence.

  • We interview the top Pro Costumers in the field to help you understand the responsibilities of each position.

  • We provide support to answer any question that may come up on a job. We want nothing to stop you!

  • We review the tools we use in the costume department and how they are helpful.

  • We cover the structure of our union and how we as a costume department interact with the other departments on a production.

  • We introduce you to a network of Costume Supervisors and Costumers who will hire you.

  • You will have an instant support system to share and receive information.

  • Be part of a community of like-minded achievers that encourage and support each other. These connections you make, will last your entire career.

  • You will have the confidence to get started and excel!

  • This course is perfect for the PA just getting started OR the Entry Level costumer just getting into the union.

  • We can't get you into the union or get jobs, but we can guide you and explain how the process works.

The Costuming Academy Bonuses

This website includes additional content to reinforce the information we are teaching.

  • TCA Reference Information

    Each class will include references that we all know and use, presented in a clear and logical format. Examples would be studio dry cleaners, studio services, signatory union rental houses, shopping store references- etc. PDF's will be available for you to download. There will be additional information that may or may not relate to a class - but we feel is important!

  • TCA Networking

    The benefit of this will prove itself for years to come. On a daily basis - you will share the joy of getting a job. Ongoing - you'll realize that the friendship and support you gain from our group will stay with you for years. You have no idea when you start out that some people will become your best friend and biggest supporters. We want to make this a team working together not people competing for jobs.

  • TCA Instagram Hints & Tips

    This section includes lots of helpful hints and tips in the costuming world. Products that are helpful, how to use them and where to buy them. Techniques that only costumers use. Forms that make our job easier. Organizational tips, storage tips, tips on setting up fitting rooms, tag labels and wrapping.

Here's what people are saying about our program

"Mentoring Helps!"

Linda Aguirre

Being part of the Production Assistant Costume Trainee Initiative Program has been such a great experience. The training I received from the start helped me envision what to anticipate as I started my first PA position. I’ve felt like I had an upper hand as time went on, due to having Sharon Sampson as my mentor. Her advice helped me walk into any costume department and step right in where another PA left off. Honestly, I feel that by having a mentor like her has helped me understand that it's the details that make you stand out as a PA, and for that I am very thankful! ~ Linda Aguire

"How to Navigate the Costume Department"

Lo Brewer

Sharon's Costume Production Assistant Training Course can be described as no less than amazing. She has managed to compile a thorough yet concise course that provided me with tools that I use on a daily basis. she gives tips and tricks on how to be successful in following through with everything from the most minute tasks to navigating costume and billing systems like Sync on Set and Cashet. I can't say enough about how informative and helpful this course has been to me ~ Lo Brewer

"Building a Community"

Eileen Butz

The PA program has been an incredible experience. Between building a supportive community and providing an incredible source of information, I could not recommend the program more! ~ Eileen Butz

"I've Learned So Much"

Clarissa Gano

“This program was very helpful for me when starting as entry level, getting into the costume department. I learned so much from their lessons that I wouldn’t have known prior to being a PA. Now, I’m in 705 and working as a coordinator and I take all the knowledge that I have learned from them on each show that I work on. Thank you for all your guidance! ~ Clarissa Gano

Don't Be Left Behind

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  • What is the benefit of joining The Costuming Academy Community?

    Getting to know other students provides a support system where you can ask questions, recommend each other for jobs, and enjoy a monthly zoom meeting with your instructors and other working professionals. This support system is invaluable for your ongoing membership and for years to come.

  • How many classes are available

    Five classes are available now. The next five will be dropping soon.

  • Are the classes in person?

    The classes are online. You can watch and review at your convenience. Monthly community meetings will be on zoom.

  • How will supervisors know if I've completed the classes?

    We will promote students who are in the class. We also will be recommending you to our personal contacts along the way.

  • Is there a payment plan if I choose to sign up for the bundle?

    Yes, we offer a payment plan to make it easier for you. Please contact us for details


Senior Instructor Donna Schultz

Donna Schultz has led a distinguished career in key positions within the costuming world on such award-winning shows as “The Patient”, “Big Little Lies” and “Westworld” (two seasons). Beginning in theater 35 years ago, she focused her talents on such specialties as costume manufacturing, touring globally with Michael Jackson and Sheryl Crow. She has worked as a Set Costumer on hit television shows and films such as ABC’s “Who’s The Boss” and Universal’s “Dante’s Peak”; and has extensive Costume Supervising experience on “Nip/Tuck” and “Nightmare on Elm St. 3”. Her Key Costuming work includes Warner Brothers’ “Mrs. Davis”, CBS’ “Just Shoot Me”, Paramount Picture’s “Bookclub”, HBO’s “The Newsroom” and Warner Bros.“Shazam 2”. She now wishes to “give back”, sharing her immeasurable knowledge of the costuming world and the entertainment industry to nurture and inspire young professionals.

Senior Instructor Sharon Sampson

In her 38 year career, Emmy-nominated Sharon Sampson has worn every hat in Hollywood’s costuming industry. Her star-studded resume began with Costume Supervising legendary sit-coms “Cheers” and “Family Ties”, with countless cornerstone projects since then. Her emphasis has primarily been in television, with more recent projects such as HBO’s “Westworld”, “Camping”, Netflix’s “Glow”, NBC’s “Trial and Error”, and Warner Bros. “Mrs. Davis”. Through the years, she’s Designed CBS's "Becker," and feature films “Drop Dead" & "LA Blues." Her unparalleled understanding of the costuming process and seamless understanding of the various roles within the costume department makes her an expert resource for those wishing to gain employment within this rewarding industry.